Our Story

Hey y’all! I'm so glad you’re here! 

I whole-heartedly believe Dolly Parton said it best when she said to “find out who you are and do it on purpose!”

I spent most of my life searching for and doubting who I was. I knew in my heart that I wanted to make change and to do something with intentionality and meaning, but I didn’t know how. It took a mostly completed (and struggling) undergrad experience, a failed marriage, countless sleepless nights as a single mom and then two full years struggling in ministry with the now love of life to understand that dreams can’t be reality without grit, love & support and right down hard work. ⁣

After years of self-doubt, I finally realized that I have talents and goals and I had to figure out who I was and put purpose to my path. I became a cosmetologist and in the process I also became the true me. My dream has always been to open a space that serves people well. I want to give people a place to shop, get pampered and make a difference simultaneously. ⁣

Do Good Beauty is the manifestation of all my hopes and dreams. It’s the collaboration of beauty and giving. It’s the blending of problem solving and intentional spending. It’s the solution to intentional luxury and hope for the hopeless. It’s the combination of love and friendship. ⁣

I know Christ himself blessed my family with my best friend, photographer and business partner, Moriah McNutt. She is beyond talented and shares a heart for not only doing things well but also doing good. ⁣Together, we are Do Good Beauty!

We’ve set out on a mission and our plan is to serve y'all with an amazing boutique that does so much more than sell clothes! We have a passion for helping people and a portion of every item sold and service offered will be donated to a cause for good. ⁣We believe in showing mercy and love sharing blessing with national charities and local ministries. We specifically feel called to serve within the areas of homeless shelters, food distribution programs for the poor, pregnancy resource centers, anti-human trafficking groups, addiction recovery programs, and scholarship programs for people entering the areas of cosmetology and the arts. You can learn more about our mission here

Our brand began in my noggin, started in my garage and is about to hit the road in our skoolie Dolly! We have a 2004 Bluebird school bus that is currently being renovated into both my salon space and the muscle behind our mobile boutique. We expect Dolly to be finished this fall and you can learn more about her transformation here. 

We can’t communicate how much your resources of time and treasure mean to us! Your likes and love on socials, your purchases and your feedback keep our spirits up and passion moving forward. Your support in our dream means the world to us and we can’t thank you enough for helping us build our vision! God bless y’all!

Good Vibes & Grandma’s Pies,